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Greendale Study and Cultural Centre, is a residence for university students as well as a women’s resource centre. It is situated in Nsukka, Enugu State and was set up in 1997 inorder to provide facilities for the all-round development of women.  It also aims to nurture young women to be responsible members of the society through a study-enabling environment, study techniques, personalized tutoring and activities that make for balanced lives as students and in the future.

Some of its activities include:
”Personality Development through mentoring” a self leadership course for university female students; as well as cultural and social welfare programmes.
Club Greendale: The club aims at the all-round development of each of her members. Various activities are lined up to achieve this aim like: tutorials, seminars, arts and crafts, catering classes, sports, camps, self-knowledge sessions e.t.c

The resource centre caters for mostly rural women, providing high quality trainings, programmes and resources for women that encourage professionalism in various income generating activities and eventually improve their quality of life.Greendale centre also organises The NAWA After-School programme for disadvantaged girls in Nsukka aimed at increasing and improving learning as well as building self-confidence and independence amongst secondary school girls.