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Elara was setup on the 3rd of October 2009 with the primary concern of giving personalized all round formation to young girls in their formative years. The activities organized in the centre are co-curricular and extra-curricular, thereby reinforcing the formation given in school and at the same time, serving as a healthy ambience for young children to spend their free time fruitfully. In addition to forging lasting friendships, the students who attend the centre are taught to acquire excellent study habits which border around taking care of little habits such as discipline, order, perseverance, concern for the others, etc. The girls are also encouraged to participate in community service projects in order to build their social consciousness.

Elara is renowned for her study programme: SPES (Study Programme for Eager Students), a guided after school study activity.Over the years, she has graduated over 300 well-formed young ladies who have shown responsible leadership in their various universities, excelled academically and are currently making waves in different sectors of the society.